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Cut Pile
Cut PileThese styles, which include Saxony and plush, are made of yarn that is attached to the backing and cut at the top. The deeper the pile, the more luxurious the carpet may seem, but the more likely it is to retain dirt. Cut pile generally crushes under foot traffic more than other styles of carpeting.
Level Loop Pile
Level LoopIn this style, yarn is looped over so both ends are attached to the backing. Short, densely spaced loops may not feel very soft, but they provide a smooth surface that wears well and is fairly easy to vaccum.
Frieze(Pronounced "free-zay") A tightly twisted yarn that gives a rough, nubby appearance to carpet pile.
Multilevel Loop
Multi Level LoopCarpets in this style have long and short loops that give a textured appearance.
BerberA variation of level loop. Berber-style carpets have thicker yarns that may snag easily, especially if pets are present. Berber-style carpeting can be made of wool, nylon, olefin or nylon blend.
For more information see: www.carpet-rug.com
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