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The following designs are common in Oriental rugs. The patterns are named for rug-making centers in Iran (formerly Persia).
  • Heriz - usually a geometric pattern with a center medallion on a brick-colored field with a navy border.
  • Kirman - floral patterns, can feature pastels or bright jewel tones.
  • Sarouk - floral patterns, often have a red background and sprays of flowers. An "American" Sarouk was woven in Persia in the 1920's or 30's and meant for the American market; weavers used salmon-colored yarns that were hand-painted maroon in the U.S.
  • Tabriz - floral patterns, can come in various designs.
  • Bokhara - named for a city where tribal rugs were sold, it's generally a geometric design in which a small mark called a "gul" or "elephant's foot" is repeated all over the field.
  • Aubusson - originally found in flat-woven tapestry rugs from France. Aubusson designs are typically made in China or India, where the thick wool pile is carved creating an embossed look.
  • Kilims - flat woven rugs that have no pile. They are made in Turkey, China, and Egypt, among other countries. They're usually made of wool.
  • Dhurries - flat woven rugs that have no pile. They are made in India, of cotton or wool.
Care & Cleaning of Your Area Rug

Good rugs need good care. In the past, rugs were hung over a sturdy pole and beaten. Today, you'll need a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. Because gritty dirt abrades the rug's backing, vacuum the back of the rug occasionally. When it's time for a thorough cleaning, take your rug to a professional cleaner experienced with Oriental rugs.

When You Get Your Rug Home
It's always best to put a pad under your rug, which will spread the weight of any furniture put on it over a larger area. This will result in fewer stressed or broken fibers, and create less of an imprint on the rug. It will also stop your rug from slipping out of place. Rotate it 180 degrees from time to time so that it wears evenly.

Placing Furniture On The Rug
If you place furniture on your rug, be sure to place small pads under the surfaces of the furniture that come in contact with it. This will spread the weight of the furniture over a larger area and create less of an imprint on the rug.

Sunlight, Moisture & Temperature
Try to avoid strong and direct sunlight. It will affect the coloration of the rug and excessively dry the fibers. Avoid environmental extremes of temperature, moisture, or dryness.

Storing or Transporting Your Carpet
When you want to store or transport your rug, carefully roll it with the top facing out. Make sure that the edges are aligned as you roll it, so the completed roll has flat ends and not a screw-like shape. Store it in a cool, dry place. A light application of an insecticide or dehumidifying agent can be made.

Removing Creases & Furniture Imprints
Rub the surface with a white towel soaked in room-temperature water. Gently brush the wool using a stiff brush. Cover it with a wet cloth and then iron it the direction of the wool.

Removing Wax
Place a blotter, paper towel, or brown paper over the wax stain. Run a hot iron over it. The blotter will absorb the wax. Repeat until all of the wax has been removed.

Removing Ink
Saturate the stain with hair spray. When the hair spray has dried, brush the spot with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Removing Glue
Use a cloth soaked in vinegar or ethyl alcohol to saturate the spot. Use a dry cloth to absorb the liquefied glue.

Removing Chewing Gum
Press ice into the gum residue until it becomes brittle. Brush away. Use spot remover to remove any remaining traces of gum.

How To Handle Spills & Stains
illustration of cleaners
Stain Removal Index
Alcoholic Drink   B Coffee   C Ice cream   D Mustard   A Tea   A
Beer   A Cooking Oil   D Ketchup   D Paint   D Urine   A
Berries   A Cosmetic   D Lipstick   B Rust   B Vomit   D
Bleach   B Crayon   D Machine Oil   D Salad Dressing   D Washable Ink   B
Blood   C Egg   D Mayonnaise   D Sauce   B Wine   A
Butter   D Excrement   D Milk   B Soft Drinks   A  
Candy (sugar)   B Fruit Juice   A Mixed Drinks   A Soy Sauce   D  
Chocolate / Cocoa   B Gravy   B Mud   B Tar   D  

  A     Detergent - Blot - Vinegar - Blot - Detergent - Blot - Water - Blot
  B     Cleaning Fluid - Blot - Detergent - Blot
  C     Detergent - Blot - Vinegar - Blot - Ammonia - Blot - Detergent - Blot
  D     Detergent - Blot - Water - Blot - Ammonia - Blot - Detergent - Blot